Traditional Style Jewelry Boxes

2011 "CWB National Design Portfolio "People's Choice" Award Winner

These traditional style jewelry boxes have one with marquetry and one without. Both boxes are made with walnut burl veneer with bird’s eye maple for the trim. The veneers used in the marquetry were purple heart for the roses, popular veneer for the leaves, with ebony and myrtle burl veneers for the scrolls. When you open the top lid it has dividers that are made out of birds-eye maple and you can either leave them in or you have the option of taking them out depending on your needs. The front door has marquetry of three roses and when you open it there are three hidden drawers for more storage. It also has two side doors with a single rose done in marquetry and when opened it has two rotating necklace carousels to display your necklaces.

These boxes are in my book showing you step by step how to build:
Book Title: Wooden Boxes: Skill-Building Techniques for Seven Unique Projects©2013 The Taunton Press

Designed and built by Dennis Zongker


Honorable Mention Winner:

2012 Craftsman's Challenge Award

2013 CWB National Design Portfolio
"Peoples Choice" Award winner