Queen Chess Table

This Queen Chess table was designed to have the customers last name initial “W” cut into the two sides of the table top in opposing woods. I cut all my own veneers at 1/8” thick for the entire top and used the Bevel cutting method for cutting marquetry. The center post of the table is a Queen glued up in two woods Maple & American black walnut. To see other chess table and chairs.

Table Top........Over 1,000 individual pieces of hardwood are hand cut and inlaid into the playing field. This is known as parquetry and is one of the worlds oldest forms of art. The top has 18 layers of hand polished polyurethane, giving the table a glass-like polish. Hidden within the triple bull nose edging are four drawers for storage of the chess pieces when not in use. Even the drawers have the Knights inlaid into the drawer headers. The top has parquetry around the outer border showing the castle move, were the Rooks protect the King.

Table Base.......Look closely and you shall see the center spindle of the table base is the queen, upside down. It is scaled 9 times larger then the chess set queen. Each leg is constructed of solid hardwood, twisting downwards to receive the Knights for the feet. Hidden inside the Knight feet are large adjustable leveling glides for all those uneven floors.