Caring for your ZONGKERS Wood Furniture

You have purchased America’s finest custom wood furniture available. Your furniture finish is highly durable and with little effort the original beauty will last for many years.

ZONGKERS finishes are designed to uphold to normal use conditions. Your furniture will expand and contract with increased moisture and temperatures. The topcoat of the finish must be able to expand and contract with the wood underneath it.

ZONGKERS wood furniture will keep its beauty for many years with little effort. Periodic dusting and an occasional cleaning are all that is necessary to maintain the protective value of the finish. There are a few simple rules in the caring for your wood furniture.

  1. Protect your furniture from highly abrasive materials that would scratch or mark the surface. Although ZONGKERS finish is of the highest quality and has achieved a superior rating for durability, it will scratch and mar if materials such as hard plastic or metal are rubbed across the surface. It is recommended that a protective writing pad be used on your work surface.
  2. Darker finishes tend to show scratches and wear & tear more than lighter finishes.
  3. Preserve the finish of your furniture by never using a silicone containing furniture polish or cleaner. For daily cleaning, use a dampened cloth to remove dust. Cleaning on a weekly basis is recommended. Periodic polishing is recommended. Use only a non-abrasive silicone free polish. Always dust and clean in the direction of the grain and do not use a circular motion.
  4. ZONGKERS does not recommend dry-dusting furniture as the dust & cloth may be abrasive and cause tiny scratches if not dampened with a solution.
  5. Do not apply heat or water to your furniture. The finish is not designed to uphold to these conditions.

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