Playing Card Box


 The playing cards are out of holly with the card symbols out of bloodwood and Macassar ebony. The feet are also made out of Macassar ebony with three layers of wood glued together at an offset. This matches up to the ebony already used throughout the design of the box.  The banding is out of Macassar ebony, bloodwood and holly hardwoods, the diamond shaped banding resembles the diamond suite in the cards. This gives the completed box a touch of elegance and style. The playing card box measures 3 3/8 Tall x 8 deep x 14 5/8 long, providing plenty of space to store four decks of playing cards, dice and poker chips.

This box is in my book showing you step by step how to build:
Book Title: Wooden Boxes: Skill-Building Techniques for Seven Unique Projects©2013 The Taunton Press

Designed and built by Dennis Zongker