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Conference and Boardrooms Tables

Across our great nation, we have designed and fabricated personalized boardrooms of all sizes, shapes and materials. From economic laminated table systems, to the high-end exotic veneers. Your fundamentals are incorporated into each design such as electrical requirements, seating, layout, style and finish….all wrapped into one package for the ultimate presentation system. Over our 20 year duration, we have explored many options and enjoy the challenge of each boardroom we have designed…Bringing our clients unique personality and fundamentals to the table.

As today's telecommunication market rapidly expands and changes, so will the function and the appearance of your boardroom or training facility. The capabilities of AV equipment are endless, just like the furniture required to house them. The design of your audio-visual system, should compliment your taste, surroundings and the function. Take in to consideration of expansion.

As technology progresses, we want your custom furniture to adapt accordingly. With all this said, designing a custom system is fun, creative and challenging. Becoming the focal point in your office. Have fun with it and enjoy.