Greenman Carving

The “Green Man” is the symbol of an ancient character of Nature, recognized and respected by many civilizations and adopted by many religions. His name means the “Green One’ he is the voice of inspiration to the hopeful and committed artist. The sign of his presence is the ability to work or experience with tireless enthusiasm beyond one’s normal capacities. In this there may be a link across cultures; one reason for the enthusiasm of the medieval sculptors for the Green Man may be that he was the source of inspiration.”He is the symbol of the eternal cycle of Nature, the mysterious figure who dies and is reborn each year. He is a part of interwoven beliefs and customs associated with planting and sowing, with harvest and the autumn the seeming death of Nature in winter, followed by the miracle of rebirth in the spring. Every culture has a tale about a spirit that lives in the forest or in the trees. In ancient Europe this spirit represented the new life of spring… the voice of the primordial forest. The Green Man or Foliate Head are just two of many names given to the representations of this forest spirit.
Dennis' carving of “Green Man” is 3 1/2” Thick x 14” Wide x 17 1/2” Long, made out of Basswood. There are so many different styles of green man.