“Coin Display Case”

We had the honor in working with the Sarpy County Museum and creating a small, yet elegant display for a wonderful collection of coins. The display case is in style with the era, and uniquely displays the coins with black flocked shelves, presentation grooves allows the coins to stand vertically, reflecting the coin backs within the mirrored back and internally lighted with strip LED lighting. The collection is unique and can be seen at the Sarpy County Museum in Bellevue, NE.

A brief history of the coins is that the complete collection of 15 coins makes up the complete United State coinage minted in 1857. In 1857, residents of southern Douglas Country, frustrated that they were not receiving fair representation in an Omaha concentrated government, broke off to form a separate county. That county formed on February 1, 1857 became Sarpy County, named after Peter A. Sarpy, a local fur trader, ferry operator, and businessman. The coins are a tribute to the early county, its pioneer spirit and an era of commerce that contributed to the economic foundation of Sarpy County. Due to the rarity of several of the coins, the collection itself took a little over 10 years to complete. There's everything from the half penny to the $20 gold piece. There's also some more unique coin values by today's standards, including the 3 cent piece and $2 1/2 dollar coin.