Custom Carved Wall Panels

Below are some samples of the carved panels that can be carved into any size wall plaque starting with the size of 11x14 on up. Your choice of wood and finish can create a perfect wall art for your home or church. There are a list of carvings that are already available with new ones being designed all the time. If you dont see it listed just ask and we will do what we can to accomadate your wishes.


  The Good Sheppard- close up    
  Flight into Egypt Jesus Appears to Apostles  
  Noah's Ark Jesus and Children  
  Jesus Preaches from Boat Samaritan Woman  
  A List of some of the Carved Panels Available  

Joyful Mysteries
Finding of Child Jesus

Luminous Mysteries
Baptism of Jesus
Wedding Feast of Cana
Proclamation of Kingdom
Institution of Holy Eucharist

Sorrowful Mysteries
Agony in Garden
Scourging of Jesus
Crowning with Thorns
Carrying of the Cross

Glorious Mysteries
Descent of the Holy spirit

(Stations of the Cross-coming soon)

(Last Supper- coming soon)

Adam and Eve
Noah's Ark
Joseph and Brothers
Joseph as Ruler
Moses in basket
Crossing Red Sea
Manna in desert
Ten Commandments
Miracles in Desert

Walls of Jericho
David and Goliath
King Solomon
Jonah and whale
Daniel in Lions Den
The Shepherds
Three Kings
Flight into Egypt
Jesus with Joseph
Temptation of Jesus

Sellers in Temple
Samaritan Woman
Catch of Fish
Ten Lepers
Cripple at Pool
Sermon on Mount
Jesus as Teacher
Rich Man and Lazarus
Penitent Woman
Widow's Son
Daughter of Jairus


Man with Withered Hand
Jesus Calms Storm
Beheading of John the Baptist
Miracle of Loaves and Fish
Jesus Walks on Water
Jesus Preaches from Boat
Promise of the Eucharist
Peter, Head of Church
Jesus and Children
Avoiding Scandal
Mission of Apostles
Good Samaritan
Jesus, Martha and Mary
Lazarus Raised from Dead
Blind Man
Rich Young Man

Good Shephard
Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Washing of Feet
Judas Betrays Jesus
Peter Denies Jesus
Jesus Before Pilate
The Burial
Women at Tomb
Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Road to Emmaus
Jesus Appears to Apostles
Unbelieving Thomas
Peter Receives Primacy
The Adulteress
Prodigal Son