Cameo Jewelry Box

It’s based off the Cameo necklace, which first appeared around the time of Alexander the Great. This distinctive piece of jewelry has enjoyed popularity throughout classical times, the Renaissance and the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Cameos were mostly carved out of stone, lava, shell, glass and plastics. This Cameo is cut out of veneer into marquetry.
The Cameo box is 8” Deep, 15” Long and 5 1/2” Tall. The veneers for the Center Cameo is out of dark maple burl, maple, blood wood, light maple burl and quilted maple. The veneers for the box are out of Chesnutt burl, blood wood and black ebony.

This box is in my book showing you step by step how to build:
Book Title: Wooden Boxes: Skill-Building Techniques for Seven Unique Projects©2013 The Taunton Press Designed and built by Dennis Zongker