Chess Table and Chairs

This chess table and chairs are the pride and joy of our company's president, Dennis Zongker. This table took "Honorable Mention" in a national furniture design contest. We proudly display this unique chess table in our showroom.....stop by and see it for yourself.

Designed and fabricated by Dennis, for his own use. This table, chess pieces and chairs took over 1,200 hours to design and fabricate. Hand-crafted with selected Hard Maple and American Black Walnut hardwoods. No veneer was used in this table. The table carries the chess playing theme throughout the table.

Table Top........Over 1,000 individual pieces of hardwood are hand cut and inlaid into the playing field. This is known as parquetry and is one of the worlds oldest forms of art. The top has 18 layers of hand polished polyurethane, giving the table a glass-like polish. Hidden within the triple bull nose edging are four drawers for storage of the chess pieces when not in use. Even the drawers have the Knights inlaid into the drawer headers. The top has parquetry around the outer border showing the castle move where the Rooks protect the King.

Table Base.......Look closely and you shall see the center spindle of the table base is the King, upside down. It is scaled 9 times larger then the chess set King. The King is in the center because he is the most important piece in the game. Each leg is constructed of solid hardwood, twisting downwards to receive the Knights for the feet. Hidden inside the Knight feet are large adjustable leveling glides for all those uneven floors.

Chess Pieces.....Each chess piece was individually designed to have it's own personality. Constructed of a mixture of both Maple and Walnut, they have the appearance they're made of a fine quality chocolate.
Chairs......The chairs were another challenge in themselves. Without any 90 degree right angles and the twisting backs, they definitely were a challenge. The crown of each chair has the Queen's crown on center and the Bishops on each back post. A contemporary concept of the Queen's body was designed into the chair backs, wrapped with genuine brown leather.