Liturgical Furnishings

This altar is constructed of solid red oak hardwoods. Unique mortise joinery was engineered to withhold the heavy 4" thick granite top.


This uniquely shaped liturgical lectern is constructed of solid red oak hardwoods, hidden mortise joinery for supporting the granite top. Hidden wire management for speakers microphone channels through one of the leg panels. Below


This Tabernacle Stand is constructed of red oak hardwoods with a 4" thick by 30" diameter granite top. Hidden dowel joinery was required to stabilize the heavy granite top.

    These Presider Chairs are constructed with solid red oak hardwoods. Hidden mortised joinery, Walnut hardwood inlays and upholstered seats.
     This 66" square Liturgical Hospitality table is constructed of red oak hardwoods, with lap-joint joinery. The pattern top inlay is of walnut hardwoods with a diamond veneer pattern.    
    Candle Holders